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Posted on 13th April, 2019

The job interview IS an audition

The job interview is the most popular way employers decide on their whether to employ you or not, and regardless of how relaxed an interviewer / employer may make you feel. . this IS a formal setting and you need to be 100% aware of how you perform!

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Posted on 12th April, 2019

Don’t leave home without one!

Now they want your resume and sadly, you have neglected to keep one that’s current, and most importantly, you haven’t been maintaining a record of your jobs; promotions and added skills, education and training etc.

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Posted on 11th April, 2019

Can you trust your referees?

Many job seekers make the mistake of thinking that a written reference is Gold. Whilst it is great to have nice things written about you, the written reference is not the best way for a prospective employer to determine if you are the right person for their job.

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Posted on 10th April, 2019

What’s your Tag line?

When did you last take a good look, and take stock at what others may see when they look at your personal brand both online and off? Give yourself a quick audit and see if there are any areas that you could do better. Start with reviewing the 8 essential points to aligning your authentic self:

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Posted on 9th April, 2019

It’s complicated! Resume/cover letters/capability levels, WHOOO!!


Applying for a job, especially within government sectors can be very tricky! Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:-

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Posted on 8th April, 2019

A job, is a job, is a job…not your whole identity

There are no guarantees of job security or permanency … in this climate of change – what are you doing to best prepare yourself for the future? Start by revising your resume

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Posted on 7th April, 2019

Don’t be Naive … Face book is used as a screening tool by employers

YES! Face book is used by prospective employers to help them assess the character or personality of a candidate. Sorry, it’s a fact that many employers do get on there and search around for your name and make all sorts of judgements on you. These judgements will often be wrong, but we are all human and judging is what we do!

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Posted on 7th April, 2019

The Application Resume – Performance for your career – it’s worth the effort

It’s easier to be a serial applicant than be someone who carefully and painfully works out what is the best option for them. The option that will enhance your life, and may even leave the world with a legend and a legacy. My Father would say “leave places better than when you found them”.

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Posted on 6th April, 2019

Is your Resume and image landing you that job or promotion?

What you wear and how you were it, says a lot about you! Is your resume and your image congruent?

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Posted on 5th April, 2019

What potential employers don’t want to hear at the job interview

Questions can be TRAPS meant to catch you off guard and others are just ordinary questions that appear to be inane… innocent even, ones that can lead you down the wrong path. Don’t get caught in the negative trap. Compose your responses in a positive and flattering light!

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