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Posted on 5th February, 2021

The big, long wait, will you get that call?

We are often asked how long it would take a company to get back to you after you have applied for a job. There is no right answer. There is best practice that most companies try to follow.

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Posted on 3rd February, 2021

Career objective, make it sing and dance to the right tune

The career objective can be a tricky statement to compose and is often open to many interpretations, often wrong ones. Sometimes these paragraphs are just “motherhood” statements, totally broad and boring. They don’t tell the reader anything specific about you – in face it could read like thousands of other profiles. Don’t use career statements unless you write a good one. Instead insert an “about me” statement. One that sells you to the employer.

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Posted on 17th January, 2021

OMG! A Resume with a bad attitude!

Your resume is one of the main ways employers have of making a judgement of you. It should reflect who you are, what you have done and what you could offer a new employer, it should not be an example of how much you don’t care about the impression your’e making.

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Posted on 21st December, 2020

Recruitment Agencies, how to use to land a job!

We act as a “go-between” and can facilitate your progress to a shortlist. We do this by carefully assessing your skills, experience and qualifications and how these match up to the advertised position.

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Posted on 20th December, 2020

Time to reflect on your job and your career

As the sun rises for 2017, we can all reflect on the year past and the years to looking forward.

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Posted on 19th December, 2020

RESUME writing Services

No kidding! If your resume is not getting you the interview, then here are a few things that may need adjustment: Here are 10 useful tips

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Posted on 18th December, 2020

How do I find a job in Port Macquarie?

How do I find a job in Port Macquarie? is our most frequently asked question! Yes, we have a ton of people wanting to move here and every day we respond to calls from all over the place from people who want to relocate away from the maddening city life. The major reason for discontentment is the long commute to and from work in the Metro areas. #resumes #resume #resumewirter #jobs #jobapplications #FIGJAMresumes

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Posted on 17th December, 2020

The new reality

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Posted on 15th December, 2020

Handling Rejection

……popular strategies don’t actually work very well in the long term. Beware if you are tempted to try any of the following:

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Posted on 14th December, 2020

Is your Resume and image landing you that job or promotion?

What you wear and how you were it, says a lot about you! Is your resume and your image congruent?

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