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A job wardrobe? advice for the employee who wants to succeed in the job!

A number of independent studies maintain that clothing can affect a first impression dramatically; it also can affect promotional opportunities.

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Future Employment some new Job Titles

New jobs and career paths are created every day. If you are a baby boomer or a child of the 70’s, I bet that many of you are not aware that the following jobs exist, let alone what they actually do! How about these apples…..

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Innovation the key to gaining a job you love

Sick and tired of rejection? Are you fatigued with applying for jobs and either never hearing back from the employer, and/or receive an unsuccessful letter? What innovative and creative thinking do we need to have to ensure we are realistic about the job market?

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Jobs in Port Macquarie and Regional NSW

Wanting to relocate to a peaceful, yet progressive Regional town? Sick of the city life and keen to change your lifestyle?

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