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Posted on 17th January, 2019

Make it past the first cut with a great resume

Gaining an interview means that your resume passed the first test or often, the first cut… but a lot of applications don’t make the first cut and here are just 3 reasons why..

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Posted on 16th January, 2019

Project the right image for that job! A good resume helps…

We are often asked, “Is what I wear at work really matter?” In a word, yes.

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Posted on 15th January, 2019

Career objective, make it sing and dance to the right tune

The career objective can be a tricky statement to compose and is often open to many interpretations, often wrong ones. Sometimes these paragraphs are just “motherhood” statements, totally broad and boring. They don’t tell the reader anything specific about you – in face it could read like thousands of other profiles. Don’t use career statements unless you write a good one. Instead insert an “about me” statement. One that sells you to the employer.

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Posted on 14th January, 2019

There’s Interviewers and then there’s “those” Interviewers

Everyone agrees a business is as good as it’s employees. So if hiring the right people is so important… why are most interviewers satisfied with being ordinary? Maybe employers assume the burden of proof and awesomeness is the responsibility of the candidates? – They think it’s their job to impress! Yes this is a bit true, however it’s very short-sighted.

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Posted on 13th January, 2019

Feeling Trapped in your current job?

Feeling trapped in the job you have? looking for another job? Here are a few tips before you launch into resignation or even worse, lose your cool and walk out! Sometimes, we can find ourselves in a job that is not working out. There may be a number of diverse factors for this…

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Posted on 12th January, 2019

Cheat Sheet – Top 10 Interview Questions & Responses

Resumes. job interviews and job applications… do your homework

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Posted on 12th January, 2019

Random resumes without a cause

Are you sending out random resumes to any advertised jobs, ones  that you think you could perform? Are you on the “auto” applications list with a number of job sites? Do you send the same resume to a variety of job advertisements? STOP IT! It’s doing you more harm than good!  Here’s  four main reasons why:-

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Posted on 11th January, 2019

Looking for work? are you searching for jobs in all the right places?

Did your resume “bait” the reader enough to invite you to an interview? If not, change your bait! Each time you fish for work, make sure your bait is adapted to the role  or the “catch”. Sending the same resume out for various jobs, is NOT helping you bait the right catch!

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Posted on 10th January, 2019

What potential employers don’t want to hear at the job interview

Questions can be TRAPS meant to catch you off guard and others are just ordinary questions that appear to be inane… innocent even, ones that can lead you down the wrong path. Don’t get caught in the negative trap. Compose your responses in a positive and flattering light!

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Posted on 8th January, 2019

Is your Resume and image landing you that job or promotion?

What you wear and how you were it, says a lot about you! Is your resume and your image congruent?

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