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Make it past the first cut with a great resume

THE FIRST CUT is the Deepest. You need to avoid the pain if you can. Make your resume  pass the first cut.

Gaining an interview means that your resume passed the first test or often, the first cut.  However, a lot of applications don’t make the first cut and here are just 3 MAIN reasons why,

Poor presentation

Spelling mistakes, bad formatting are just two examples of poor presentation. The resume is a reflection of you! Poor presentation says that you really don’t care!


The resume goes on and on and on.  Restrict yourself to 2 pages unless you are going for a role as Prime Minister


The resume demonstrates that you are talented on all areas – except the job you are applying for!!  This leaves the reader asking ” so why has this person applied for this job?” Make sure the content relates to the advertised position- it has to be relevant.

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Ivana Agapiou resume writer and career advisor