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Posted on 8th May, 2021

A little FIGJAM is good for you

A little FIGJAM-F* *k ,I’m Good, Just Ask Me, is fine, provided the self-praise is meant to bolster and boost your confidence. This is especially true if you’ve suffered a career disappointment. However, be wary of staying in this state of mind for too long just in case you become a little too arrogant and lose your humility forever!

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Posted on 7th May, 2021

Looking for work in all the right places

The job market has changed dramatically, yet some of the tried and true methods are still relevant. An example is the old fashioned cold call! So let’s explore five basic ways and flesh-out best approaches for gaining employment using these methods.

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Posted on 6th May, 2021

11 Most popular Job Interview Questions.

Get ready for your next job interview! Find out what interview questions are the most popular and be ready for your great response!

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Posted on 5th May, 2021

Chance is a fickle thing, job research is not

Job search is filled with opportunities to worry, stress, and disappointment. Make sure that when you start your job search journey that you understand it could be an emotional roller coaster ride. It shouldn’t be, but often it is! It’s normal to feel some angst, but not too good if the trip is full of it.

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Posted on 4th May, 2021

Facing redundancy made easier, Outplacement services

Outplacement is a valuable service to help exiting employees face their future

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Posted on 3rd May, 2021

Responding to Selection Criteria

Responding to Selection Criteria. It’s a specialised skill and you’re not alone. This article with cover how should you respond and address selection criteria. Firstly, you are required to address each criterion separately, providing enough detail for the panel to assess your abilities in relation to them. While there is no specific word or character limit, the average response should be around 350 -500 words per criterion. The best approach is to 1.Understand the Position description 2. Provide evidence 3. Be positive and specific 4. provide outcomes/results . Understand the Position Description (PD) It’s important to read the whole...
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Posted on 2nd May, 2021

Make it past the first cut with a great resume

Gaining an interview means that your resume passed the first test or often, the first cut… but a lot of applications don’t make the first cut and here are just 3 reasons why..

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Posted on 1st May, 2021

Job criteria-Capability statements, How to respond… and get the Job Interview!

Good communication is a core competencies for all jobs.. regardless of the level! Notice that this statement also asks for 3 skill-sets – written/verbal and presentation to an audience. You can try to “bundle” all three, or you can divide it up, either way, I strong suggest a very basic formula to follow:- S.A.R – Situation/ action / response

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Posted on 30th April, 2021

There’s Employment Agencies and then there’s Recruitment Agencies

Eather Recruitment, although posted and listed under Yellow pages and most on-line media as an Employment Agency, is actually a Recruitment agency. What is the difference you ask?

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Posted on 25th April, 2021

Resumes are your best sales and promotional flier!

“Is your resume getting you that interview?”

If it is, then you have a good resume, however, if it does not get you in front of a potential employer, it’s doing you NO favours! It should read like a sales document, it should “sell” your skills, experience and qualifications… it should make you like highly marketable!

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