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Posted on 23rd April, 2019

Return to send, address unknown, no such number…

basic RESUME Writing 101 and if you cant get this right, why are you sending out resumes and no one can actually call you back, let alone find your current address. 

Please check your resume, before you press “send” …  you may be missing out only because you forgot to update your basic contact details… GOOD NEWS… it’s an easy fix.

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Posted on 22nd April, 2019

DIY Resumes? are some things better done by others?

DUI resumes can turn out amazing. Many do not make the first cut! If you’re not sure, ask an expert to review and advise.

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Posted on 21st April, 2019

Resumes that get you to a job interview……

Best Resumes get the best interviews for the better jobs! How is your resume rating? If it is landing you interviews… than it is a good resume, if not, please contact us for our resume review service!
Make an appointment now and increase your chances of securing the interview for your dream job!

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Posted on 20th April, 2019

… beware of the $2K costs for a new resume…

Today I was shocked to hear from  one of our clients who had been informed by another  resume writing service that the cost to “re-brand” him and provide a new resume was $2K!!!

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Posted on 19th April, 2019

ADD a “little” something special to your resume!

Did you know when you include your photo with your resume there is a significant benefit? The clear advantage is that your application will be more noticed; more interesting and therefore increase your chance of shortlisting to an interview!

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Posted on 19th April, 2019

Getting ready for job loss – are you facing redundancy; resignation or seeing the writing on the wall?

Often, our jobs are much more than just the way we make a living. They influence how we see ourselves, as well as the way others see us. Our jobs give us structure, purpose, and meaning. So how will you cope when you are no longer working?

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Posted on 18th April, 2019

Key Selection Criteria Responses that get you THAT interview

Many employers are looking for the right “fit” and this means that they want to get to know you, your likes, dislikes and most importantly… your failings… we all hate that dreaded question “What are your weaknesses?

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Posted on 16th April, 2019

Unsuccessful again?

“Thank you for your application, unfortunately in this instance you have been unsuccessful” Wondering why you keep receiving the same notice??? The following may help.

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Posted on 15th April, 2019

Cookie Cutter or crafted RESUME – your choice to stand out or stand in line

RESUMES haven’t changed much in many years. They appear to suit the general purpose. Most applicants spend a lot of time making sure that there resume meets a high standard. However, there is groundswell of employers and HR departments that are begging for even better resumes.

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Posted on 14th April, 2019

Work that resume to get “that” job interview! Resumes Port Macquarie

So, you have what you think is “a cracker” of a resume and you’re sending this resume out to a variety of jobs and …. nothing… …no interview requests, and if you are lucky, you get a “sorry, you have been unsuccessful” reply… There is a strong message and lesson here… your resume is not working for you!

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