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Posted on 11th December, 2018

JOB = Your Passion?

Job = passion? Are you capable of blending both? Here are some inspirational quotes to help. Which one resonates the most to you?

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Posted on 26th November, 2018

11 Most popular Job Interview Questions – be a smooth operator!

Get ready for your next job interview! Find out what interview questions are the most popular and be ready for your great response!

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Posted on 25th November, 2018

Your job application needs to be smarter, shorter, smoother and simply match the criteria

In the past, most applications were initially screened and handled by HR administration or  HR professionals, these were the people who first eye-balled your application and would shortlist by simply skimming  your application, searching for certain phrases or buzzwords. Here’s the tricky thing … not all applications are read by human eyes anymore. Many employers and HR departments that employ large numbers of staff, utilize scanning software to search for keywords in job applications and ONLY  when the computer pings with matches,  will they read the applications! 

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Posted on 24th November, 2018

Resumes written for reading, not rejection!

Many of us need help to write about ourselves! For most of us It’s a challenge to “blow own trumpet”! so here is one way your resume will stand out and be noticed… it’s that “about me” statement that can make or break the reader’s attention… need help? call us now 0265838222

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Posted on 23rd November, 2018

Resume writing Services – Attract the bees!

Port Macquarie is a wonderful coastal town with a great many assets. It offers a relaxed lifestyle along with picturesque beaches and country access. It’s almost right in the middle of Sydney and Brisbane and has a growing population. The future is bright with a new developments and the commencement of a new University, Charles Sturt in 2016.

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Posted on 22nd November, 2018

Happiness “Boosters” Might Actually Make You Feel Worse!

……popular strategies don’t actually work very well in the long term. Beware if you are tempted to try any of the following:

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Posted on 21st November, 2018

Self-awareness …. a Jewel in the EQ crown

Conflicts and unexpected disasters are a natural part of living and if you are unable to forge through most these and come out the other end a “better” person for the experience, then you will find your life and your future happiness and well-being will suffer as well as your personal and professional growth.

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Posted on 20th November, 2018

Finding the real “you” ! Open up and own up!

Your resume should be draw card or an enticement for the reader, to explore further by calling you in for an interview… the reader is intrigued and interested enough to find out MORE about you..

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Posted on 19th November, 2018

Perform the job you were born to do!

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to do exactly what you love, to do what you are really, really good at, imagine the work being so in tune with who you are, it almost seems a piece of cake! You are invigorated each day, keen to get started!

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Posted on 18th November, 2018

Redundant? Retrenched? Outplaced?

Our Outplacement Services Program is highly personalized with intensive support for both the organization and its staff. It can be tailored to meet individual requirements, either one interview contact or several.

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