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Posted on 19th February, 2020

Is your Resume and image landing you that job or promotion?

What you wear and how you were it, says a lot about you! Is your resume and your image congruent?

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Posted on 18th February, 2020

The Application Resume – Performance for your career – it’s worth the effort

It’s easier to be a serial applicant than be someone who carefully and painfully works out what is the best option for them. The option that will enhance your life, and may even leave the world with a legend and a legacy. My Father would say “leave places better than when you found them”.

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Posted on 17th February, 2020

What potential employers don’t want to hear at the job interview

Questions can be TRAPS meant to catch you off guard and others are just ordinary questions that appear to be inane… innocent even, ones that can lead you down the wrong path. Don’t get caught in the negative trap. Compose your responses in a positive and flattering light!

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Posted on 8th February, 2020

Cheat Sheet – Top 10 Interview Questions & Responses

Resumes. job interviews and job applications… do your homework

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Posted on 7th February, 2020

Random resumes without a cause

Are you sending out random resumes to any advertised jobs, ones  that you think you could perform? Are you on the “auto” applications list with a number of job sites? Do you send the same resume to a variety of job advertisements? STOP IT! It’s doing you more harm than good!  Here’s  four main reasons why:-

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Posted on 6th February, 2020

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, why you can’t ignore them!

Knowledge, Skills and Ability can be also disguised under Key Selection Criteria (KSC), each have distinct differences between them.

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Posted on 6th February, 2020

Time to reflect on your job and your career

As the sun rises for 2017, we can all reflect on the year past and the years to looking forward.

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Posted on 5th February, 2020

There’s Employment Agencies and then there’s Recruitment Agencies

Eather Recruitment, although posted and listed under Yellow pages and most on-line media as an Employment Agency, is actually a Recruitment agency. What is the difference you ask?

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Posted on 4th February, 2020

Resumes need attention and updating

A resume is a living, breathing document! It should NEVER remain static, if it does, it will loose its relevance and perhaps become redundant.  Workplaces and work requirements are changing rapidly and it’s important for job seekers to get a professionally written and rewritten resume completed for their job search.

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Posted on 3rd February, 2020

Looking for work in all the right places

The job market has changed dramatically, yet some of the tried and true methods are still relevant. An example is the old fashioned cold call! So let’s explore five basic ways and flesh-out best approaches for gaining employment using these methods.

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