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Posted on 30th April, 2018

It’s all about YOU! Customer Service can start with you, the customer!

As consumers and paying customers we all have varying levels of expectation when we spend our hard-earned money, whether it’s for a coffee or a holiday, we want the very best!

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Posted on 27th April, 2018

5 steps when Managing Staff performance

Providing constructive feedback to your employees gives them with an insight into how their performance is progressing. However, for many of us, just the very thought of obtaining feedback creates anxiety and sometimes we get defensive, even before the event!

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Posted on 26th April, 2018

What is “active” listening?

Best idea to help you focus on good listening skills is to visualize an Elephant – they have 2 large ears and a very small mouth… there is a good reason for this! Start using active listening today to become a better communicator and improve your workplace productivity and relationships.

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Posted on 25th April, 2018

Ethics are important in any job – do you have an Ethical Compass? – 50 shades of right.

It may help to think of the people around you as an ethical compass guide. Before you act or react to what others say or do, consider the following self-analysis …

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Posted on 24th April, 2018

Make your job easier and enjoy the customer interaction

Leave a positive lasting memory for your customers with the right response to “Thank you” can work as an competitive edge! What are your staff saying?

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Posted on 23rd April, 2018

Staff with the RIGHT Stuff!!

There is little point in spending a small fortune in advertising and promoting your business, if when guests arrive, they are not greeted like family!

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Posted on 20th April, 2018

Recognition and Rewards for staff, it can be very simple

Everyone is motivated by different things… make sure you get to know your staff and most importantly, what part of working for you, turns them on… and on… a couple of good, simple survey questions might be “ What makes you want to come to work here each day”? And “if you could improve your work environment, what would you like to see happen?”

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Posted on 19th April, 2018

jobs posted every day on

Are you in the job market? Do you seek either temporary or permanent employment within the Mid North Coast?

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Posted on 17th April, 2018

What motivates employees? find out

Business must start intentionally finding high performing along with high culture fit employees. Further, business must be ruthless when it comes to rejecting individuals who aren’t a “right fit”. Even if they come across as a high performer, they can wreak havoc on the positive, collaborative culture you need to create.”

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Posted on 17th April, 2018

Recruit slow ….. for quality staff

Quality recruits means quality sourcing, screening and selection. This takes time and great consideration.

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