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Posted on 23rd February, 2019

Resume writing Services to attract the bees.

Port Macquarie is a wonderful coastal town with a great many assets. It offers a relaxed lifestyle along with picturesque beaches and country access. It’s almost right in the middle of Sydney and Brisbane and has a growing population. The future is bright with a new developments and the commencement of a new University, Charles Sturt in 2016.

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Posted on 22nd February, 2019

Handling Rejection

……popular strategies don’t actually work very well in the long term. Beware if you are tempted to try any of the following:

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Posted on 21st February, 2019

Self-awareness, a Jewel in the E.Q crown

Conflicts and unexpected disasters are a natural part of living and if you are unable to forge through most these and come out the other end a “better” person for the experience, then you will find your life and your future happiness and well-being will suffer as well as your personal and professional growth.

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Posted on 20th February, 2019

A Real, Authentic Resume

Your resume should be draw card or an enticement for the reader, to explore further by calling you in for an interview… the reader is intrigued and interested enough to find out MORE about you..

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Posted on 19th February, 2019

Perform the job you were born to do!

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to do exactly what you love, to do what you are really, really good at, imagine the work being so in tune with who you are, it almost seems a piece of cake! You are invigorated each day, keen to get started!

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Posted on 18th February, 2019

Redundant? Retrenched? Outplaced?

Our Outplacement Services Program is highly personalized with intensive support for both the organization and its staff. It can be tailored to meet individual requirements, either one interview contact or several.

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Posted on 17th February, 2019

The JOB interview, the No No’s

Many employers comment that they interview candidates who had NO idea how to present for an interview. It appears that some candidates think that if they are personally happy with their image in the mirror that is all that is needed. They don’t spend time evaluating the type of workplace or the workplace culture prior to dressing. Some follow fad fashion trends and think that trendy means professional!

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Posted on 16th February, 2019

The Best Interview question ever?

What might an interviewer assume about you that would be wrong? Good question eh?

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Posted on 5th February, 2019

Please read between the lines———————-

Most resumes are poorly written and presented and we make judgements based on these factors.  Yes,  it is up to the applicant to present themselves professionally, however in our experience, the resume is one of the most challenging documents to get the write “right”! In general, many applicants do themselves a disservice by either under, or over selling their talents 

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Posted on 26th September, 2018

Who we are reluctant to hire

Employers usually look for “what’s wrong” with the applicant first, rather than what is right about them!

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