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Looking for work in all the right places


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Looking for work? Loads of others are also on the search.

Make sure you stand out, but also make sure you do use the tried and true methods first.

Job seeking activity can become a full time job.  We hope that some of the following suggestions assist you in your search. Most importantly, stand out from the herd and have your application and efforts count!

Firstly, the tried and true – the faithful list….

  • SEEK and my career and on-line recruitment services
  • Networks and connections within your industry and social circles
  • Registering with various agencies for work
  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Word of Mouth and knowledge of possible up coming vacancies, ask around!
  • Cold calling and unsolicited resumes to employers of choice
  • Advertise your skills through social media channels
  • Update and fine tune your resume

Connect with key players through Linkedin

Once you have exhausted the list for sourcing work, consider carefully how and when you will approach the vacancy. Is your resume up to scratch? does it sell you well? Do you need to obtain a second opinion? What stands out about you in your resume? Is it a memorable one? Have you linked your resume to the job your seeking? What is the local demand like for jobs and can any of your work skills be transferred to suit the market?

If this is all too daunting, why not consider consulting with the experts and seek advice on your current and future prospects? Eather Recruitment offer a suite of services to suit your individual needs! Call us to find out what we can do for you


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