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Work that resume to get “that” job interview! Resumes Port Macquarie

So, you have what you think is “a cracker” of a resume and you’re sending this resume out to a variety of jobs and …. nothing… …no interview requests, and if you are lucky, you get a “sorry, you have been unsuccessful” reply… There is a strong message and lesson here… your resume is not working for you!

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Looking for work? are you searching for jobs in all the right places?

Did your resume “bait” the reader enough to invite you to an interview? If not, change your bait! Each time you fish for work, make sure your bait is adapted to the role  or the “catch”. Sending the same resume out for various jobs, is NOT helping you bait the right catch!

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References or referees – who do you choose for your resume?

Should you use written references or verbal referees on your resume. There is an important difference.

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Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – why you can’t ignore them!

Knowledge, Skills and Ability can be also disguised under Key Selection Criteria (KSC), each have distinct differences between them.

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Does your JOB equal your passion?

Job = passion? Are you capable of blending both? Here are some inspirational quotes to help. Which one resonates the most to you?

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General Labourers – Horticulture

Our client, a leading horticulture services company, is currently seeking experienced candidates to commence immediately working within and around the Port Macquarie region.

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and the best work environment is………..

Is your work environment making you sick?

Do you dread getting out of bed on work days? are you upset when your days off are over and you have to go back to work?

Do you find yourself whinging, whinnying and complaining ….a lot?

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Your personal, local Recruitment Agency

We specialise in :

Recruitment and employment services, Labour hire contractors, temp agency, provider of Temporary staff and permanent staffing
Outplacement services throughout Regional NSW – job loss, redundancy and assisting employers and outplaced employees face the future with optimism

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Have a Job to fill ? Looking for staff?

Looking for staff – we can help you!

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Jobs for the taking?

I’m sure you have all heard the saying “if you want to work, then there’s work out there for you”? Do you agree with this statement? I think it’s easier said than done!…

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Ethics are important in any job – do you have an Ethical Compass? – 50 shades of right.

It may help to think of the people around you as an ethical compass guide. Before you act or react to what others say or do, consider the following self-analysis …

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Recruit slow ….. for quality staff

Quality recruits means quality sourcing, screening and selection. This takes time and great consideration.

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What is Labour Hire contracting?

Labour hire and temporary contracts can be a minefield…. this article explains in simple detail the basic principles…

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Job Discrimination or just the way it is??

Employers interview with their own agenda in mind. They often consider the three basic criteria, and yes, it can be discriminating, and intimidating.. but as a candidate, you need to know that these factors play a strong role in the recruitment decision

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Seeking staff for jobs in Regional NSW?

Employers looking for staff and frustrated with the process?

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