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Employment Agency Vs Recruitment Agency.. what is the difference?

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HUGE DIFFERENCES between agencies – how can you manage to get them to work more effectively for you?


We often field requests from job seekers who have very high expectations of what a recruitment agency can deliver for them. There is a distinct difference between an Employment Agency and a Recruitment Agency. Firstly, recruiters tend to work from the employer back. That is, they gather  the job description and specifications along with the brief from Management and then go to market in search of the “right fit” candidates. Many recruiters do not work for the job seeker /candidate who is needing employment. There are many applicants/candidates and often not enough jobs to go around. If the job fits these applicants then, and only then, will they be referred to positions.  It is often up to the applicants to ensure that their resume is adapted to the position/s sought and that they develop strong relationships with their Recruitment Agency staff.  The Recruiters act as brokers and can not be expected to invent or create information for the candidates that will be suitable for the advertised position.

Secondly, when employers utilise a recruitment agency they are very specific about what they want. Often the Recruiter gets a real feel for what is “unsaid” and gets a good impression of what that particular workplace/culture and employer is requiring.  Recruiters often advertise and screen applicant on behalf of the employer (their client) and often the employer pulls the strings on deciding who they would like shortlisted or for interview.

Lastly, Recruitment Agencies are not government funded, nor do they seek to attract unskilled or inexperienced applicants, remember that employers are often wanting skilled professionals to join their organisation who can hit the ground running, whether that is temporary workers or a new permanent employee.  Recruitment companies are  private businesses who invoice the employer for their HR  services, hence the urgent need to get the recruitment process and the candidates, right every time!

Hope this information helps next time you utilise a Recruitment Agency.


Ivana Agapiou

Eather Recruitment