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Want a great job? Look for great employers

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Enjoying your job usually means you work for one of the best employers!

Good employers keep their staff. It’s that simple! Good employees will thrive in a work environment that nurtures; acknowledges and provides open communication to its staff. Spending loads of dollars for employee incentives or salaries doesn’t necessarily make a business an employer of choice. According to surveys of Australian Businesses, it appears to be three basic areas

Trust, pride and camaraderie – all of which help contribute to a more mentally, healthy workplace.

Below is the list of the top 10 best places to work in 2015, according to Great Place to Work Australia:

  1. Atlassian (Information Technology | Software)
  2. Mecca Brands (Retail)
  3. Optiver (Financial Services & Insurance)
  4. Stryker (Health Care | Medical sales/distribution)
  5. Nous Group (Professional Services | Consulting – Management)
  6. Adobe Systems (Information Technology | Software)
  7. Summit Homes Group (Construction & Real Estate | Housing)
  8. NetApp Australia (Information Technology | Storage/Data Management)
  9. MEC (Media | Online Internet Services)
  10. AbbVie Australia (Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals)

Have a look at these companies to see what makes them the best we have on offer! Ivana Agapiou – Resume writer