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“OMG! Did I really say that?” How many times have you heard yourself say this post interview? You experience the after-shock and the rewind of the interview and worry yourself sick over what you said or didn’t say. Here are some helpful tips on interview preparation

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Resumes mean a lot! Is yours good enough? what is enough?

A good Resume is only one that gets you to an interview – otherwise write a better one!

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A Real, Authentic Resume

Your resume should be draw card or an enticement for the reader, to explore further by calling you in for an interview… the reader is intrigued and interested enough to find out MORE about you..

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Are your Facebook posts killing your image?

Rightly or wrongly, more and more employers are searching Facebook for background information on candidates.

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Are job descriptions really necessary‚Ķ??? OMG… Yes they are!

Ever secured a job only to find that the advertised position and the actual job were different? Not knowing what is expected can make or break a great working relationship as well as career!

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