Top 5 hot tips to a great resume

Posted December 1st, 2021

Top 5 hot tips to a great resume

There is a load of information available on how to write a good resume, from accessing templates and samples from the internet, to standard knowlegde and prior experience.  I have observed that many internet examples are “American” in culture and perhaps not the best style to suit in Australia. But, there is no better teacher than sucess, in fact, nothing beats success!

Here are my top 5 hot tips for creating a resume

  1. Be concise and relevant to the job you’re applying for
  2. Keep resume to two pages maximim
  3. Dont use fancy fonts and tables
  4. Make sure there are no spelling errors or typos
  5. Page one is your lead and has the best real estate value

1.Be concise and relevant to the job

Often “cookie-cutter” resumes are gathered out of the dust or off the shelf and sent to various job adverts without any prior scrutiny. Make sure you read over the job description carefully and insert yourself into the role. Once you can visualise the job and you in it, then start to mold and edit your resume to read similarily. The reader must feel that there is a strong alignment between you and the role. This may mean you delete irrelvant facts and highlight the items that are more important to the employer. This is clever and it works! Naturally, you must remain truthful and authentic.

2.Keep resume to two pages

Unless you are the Prime Minister or have to submit a lenghly acedemic style resume, keep your document to 2 pages. This also helps you to ascertain what is really important and assists you to remain concise and to the point.  Studies have shown that readers often are time poor, and sometimes (often) are read by inexperienced HR personnel who are responsible for culling and shorlisting. Make it easy for them to distinguish the good applicant by providing a concise and relevant document.  They need to read relevance and need to feel that you could be a great match.

3.Ignore fancy fonts and tables

Using smanchie styles is fine if you are applying for a role in a creative industry. If this is the case, then go wild. If however, you are in the mainstream, go for the simple, clean lines. As a general guide, use a maximum of 3  fonts (size and style variations) only. Many employers may not have advanced software so often fancy fonts and tables are not compatible. Use bullet points to help the reader through your material. Keeping it simple means that the reader is not struggling to find the information they seek.

4.Check for spelling errors and typos

Sounds simple but many don’t review the document prior to pressing “send”. If you are too familiar with the document, you can often miss simple errors. Ask a friend to read it if that is the problem. Whatever you do, proof-read a few times and different intervals that way you can review with fresh eyes. The reader WILL judge you on this, as they figure if you were “sloppy” in the application, you may be also a sloppy worker.

5. First page is the best real estate

Page one is the best page. Don’t mess it with irrelant facts like hobbies etc. It needs to highlight YOU.  The front page should tell me all I need to know about you. Your last job being one of the important items as well as a career statement that descibes you best. Often the readers do not not have the time or the inclination to read much further than page one so make it count.

In conclusion, your resume should be an easy read, it should tell the reader all about you in 30 seconds and it should get you shortlisted  to an interview! If it doesn’t then take a hard critical look at it and adopt the 5 hot tips to see if that will get you the success you deserve.

Ivana Agapiou

FIGJAM RESUMES – your best resume writer