OMG! A Resume with a bad attitude!

Posted June 3rd, 2024


Your resume is one of the main ways employers have of making a judgement of your ability to perform a role.

Your document requires structure and a pathway of understanding for your reader. It should not be a difficult maze of distracting information to navigate.

It should  reflect who you are, what you have done and what you could offer a new employer; it should not be an example of how much you don’t care about the impression you’re making.

Seriously, the resume that is highlighted below was an actual, live application (yes all the names and contact details have been changed to protect the innocent)

The font size and the layout is exactly as it presented and Dear Ruby (not her real name) was applying for a role as an office assistant. We have left all the errors intact so that you can judge for yourself.

This IS a BAD resume and it will not be able to allow Ruby to get to an interview.

  • How many errors can you find?
  • What judgement did you make of Ruby as a potential employee?
  • Would you refer her to a position within your business?
  • What advice would you give Ruby on improving her resume as well as he approach to work outside of Hospitality industry eg for Office work?

check this real example (names changed ) READ ON!





 NAME:                Ruby Brown

ADDRESS:          Yada Yada NSW 2444

DOB:                    6th December 1996

MARTAL STATUE:      single

MOBILE:            0400 600 211


PREVOUS EMPLOYMENT:                                  


September 2010 – currence

Company: Flynns on the water Café

Place: Port Macquarie

Position: Barista, Waitress and Cook


  • Taking orders
  • Preparing food
  • Customer service
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking meals takeaway and dine in
  • Opening and closing the café
  • Ordering stock
  • Barista – Making Coffees
  • Waitress
  • Cash handling


November 2011 – April 2013

Company: Real Expensive Property

Place: Port Macquarie

Position: Traineee Property Manager –

Duties included:

  • Answering the phone
  • Scheduling and Conducting viewings of rental properties
  • Scheduling and Conducting routine inspections

November 2012 – 2014

Company :Boring as anything

Place: Hell on Earth

Position: Admin

Duties included


  • Organising repairs/sending work orders
  • Entering new tenants in REST
  • Updating owners on their investments weekly
  • Sending emails
  • Receipting rent and water
  • Adding, editing and removing rental properties on Port Plus
  • Archiving and allocating documents




EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS                                                           


2014 Peak Coffee Coarse Module 1, 2 & 3 completed, Port Macquarie


2012 McCafe Barista Certificate completed, Port Macquarie


2013 finished highschool




Joe Blogg






Surfing; swimming; crafts;singing; dancing; going out with friends; music; football; social media;gym; singing

How many errors did you find? This resume is in serious need of an overhaul!


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