The one page Resume

Posted December 7th, 2021

I’m sometimes asked to create a one page resume document that tells all. A page that contains just enough information to capture the reader’s attention. Clients may request that all their work history and vital information be summarized for a quick read. It’s believed that a one pager is very effective in selling their skills in seconds.  Whilst its true that a single page can be useful to tell your story succinctly, it is also selling you short.

The length is important

It’s selling you short because the front page of any resume is prime real estate and should capture the reader’s attention fully. It should entice, engage and be a catalyst for the reader to turn the page and curiously continue to your second and third page.  The document should lead the reader to explore further. This captivation and may lure the reader to shortlisting your application.  In fact, there is no need to have a resume that is more than 3 pages. Two pages is the ideal length, unless you are applying to be the Prime Minister. The important factor here is that you have them at “hello”!

Many recruiters and HR departments are busy, lack time and really want to read a resume that connects you to the job they have advertised. They want to connect the dots without having to read a deluge of information. Therefore, it is imperative that your resume reads well, with simple settings and without fussy tables and pretty colored patterns. Personal photos are for Facebook only!

Match your experience,skills and knowledge

Most importantly, you want to match your experience, skills and knowledge to the job description and the selection criteria. Read the advertisement carefully and ascertain where you’re a match.  Keep it simple and clean, with limited fancy headings. It should flow and be easy to read. Avoid technical terms that are specific to your previous work and that hold no relevance to the advertised job.

In summary, make your resume stand out by including 2/3 pages that are streamlined and tidy and most importantly, easy to read.

Forget the one pager and stick to the tried and true resume sample.