References or referees, who do you choose for your resume?

Posted June 18th, 2022

Referees in your RESUME

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There is a difference between written references and  verbal referees, know which to insert in your resume.

Let’s explore the differences and which should you use in your resume. 

Firstly, a reference is a written document that describes your work and performance, usually it is full of praise. Some applicants like to attach a formal reference letter to their resume. Whereas, a Referee is a  name, title and contact details of a current or previous supervisor/manager, usually they are contacted verbally and asked a series of questions in regards to your nature; work ethic; communication skills  and job performance, just to list a few areas. The list of referees ( 3 to 4 is the max; 2 min) should be detailed at the bottom of your resume

It’s with complete confidence that I advise that only referees are of importance, that is,  name and contact details of a recent supervisor/manager.  Separate written references are no longer in vogue.  Not only do they date quickly, most references are glowing , because who wants to hand out a negative one, that do not allow for any discussion or questioning.

Future employers should contact your referees and therefore you will need to be 100% sure that the referees you list on your resume meet the following criterion:-

  • can be trusted to speak well of you
  • are not personal friends or related to you
  • know you and most importantly know your work – have actually witnessed you at work and can comment with knowledge about your performance
  • have current contact number/s and details
  • have been asked to be listed on your resume and are happy to help you
  • are informed by you on what jobs you have applied for

If you have any doubts whatsoever on whether they will be good to you, and say great things about you, don’t hesitate to remove them from your resume.

Better to be safe than always wondering why you never got a call back from a potential new employer!

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