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Redundant? Retrenched? Outplaced?

Redundant? Retrenched? Outplaced? 

Whatever the words or terms used to describe this life changing event, it sucks.

Often displaced workers feel like they have been left out in the cold. I’m not sure what the best description of the emotional state is, so let’s explore this further. What is the dictionary definition of “redundant?”.

Redundant the adjective
not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous. “an appropriate use for a redundant church” unnecessary, not required, inessential, unessential, needless,unneeded, uncalled for, dispensable, disposable, expendable, unwanted, useless;
Now for Retrench, the verb

(of an organization or individual) reduce costs or spending in response to economic difficulty.”as a result of the recession the company retrenched”

Economize, cut back, make cutbacks, make savings, make economies, reduce expenditure, be economical, be sparing, be frugal,budget, tighten one’s belt, husband one’s resources, draw in one’s horns, save, scrimp and save, cut corners
However or whatever you name it,  there is no sugar coating this event in one’s work life. “Outplaced” sounds nicer, but it is exactly the same thing.

Eather Recruitment  provide an individualised service that considers each exiting worker and their unique history and skills-set.

We offer professional outplacement services which assist staff who face redundancy, to move forward with confidence and works to ensure past employees remain strong business ambassadors in the future.

 Outplacement job Services

Traditional outplacement services gave job hunters a cubicle, a computer and a telephone, leaving many feeling frustrated, undignified and overwhelmed and leaving the paying organization with the burden of covering the costs of these unnecessary overheads. Our Outplacement Services Program is highly personalized with intensive support for both the organization and its staff. It can be tailored to meet individual requirements, either one interview contact or several.

Contact us for a confidential interview to discuss your outplacement needs.

Ivana Agapiou, career coach and resume writer

 Eather Recruitment