Resume line up.

Posted August 22nd, 2023


It’s essential to have a series of resumes, all individually built for a specific purpose.

These boats are built and ready for general purpose, ready for a certain type of sea travel. I am sure you could list the types of fishing that could be perform with them, and the types of journeys these boats are good for.  They are not good for long months out to sea, they are not good for speed and they are specifically crafted for a certain type of travel. Agreed?

Individualise each resume to suit the job advert.

Just like these boats, if you have several roles you could perform, then you will need several types of resumes to best accommodate the roles. There is no point applying for a job with a resume that is more suited to another role. A role quite different and one that is not advertised.

As recruiters, we often receive the same cookie-cutter styled resumes and that would be OK if only these resumes were written with the utmost care and with the job advertisement and job requirements in mind. We often throw our hands in the air when a resume arrives  from a very qualified and experienced horticulturalist who applies for a role within  our accounts and back office. Are we supposed to read between the lines? or perhaps assume way too much?

We read in frustration for any links to the role we have advertised and see nothing.  This makes for a confused start as nothing in the resume tells us that this candidate has transferable skills, and there are no indications that they would even forfeit the outdoors for indoor work. We are not mind readers, and we are not psychic.

Readers of your resume need to have things spelled out to them, literally! They need to see the possibilities, the foundation skills set that would entice them to at least interview the candidate.  They need to read fit for purpose, so make the transition easier for them, and spell it out!

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Ivana Agapiou resume writer and career advisor