Private Recruitment Agencies – how to use them

Posted June 8th, 2022











Never used a private recruitment agency before?

We act as a “go-between” and can facilitate your progress to a shortlist. We do this by carefully assessing your skills, experience and qualifications and how these match up to the advertised position. Acting on behalf of an employer, we will scrutinise your application for best “fit”. That means that we will be evaluating your appearance, presentation and professionalism. This may be achieved through interviews and testing.  Most importantly, check that your Resume is up to scratch! does it match what the employer is looking for? is it getting you an interview? have you double-checked it for any errors? Print one out and see how it looks… does it appear professional? A resume is your “sales flier” and if it does not “sell” you, it is letting you down…… we rely heavily on first impressions and often this comes through to us in the form of the resume. Take your time making sure the resume is perfect before pressing “send”. Don’t know how to write a resume? we do offer this service, please call 026583822 to enquire.


Ivana Agapiou
Eather Recruitment Pty Ltd