and the best work environment is………..

Posted September 17th, 2018

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A healthy Work Culture!


  • Is your work environment making you sick?

  • Do you dread getting out of bed on work days? are you upset when your days off are over and you have to go back to work?

  • Do you find yourself whinging, whinnying and complaining ….a lot?

These are just a few signs and symptoms of an unhealthy situation that is getting right under your skin! A great work environment is one of joy, laughter, comraderie, cooperation, and often built around genuine kindness and consideration for others.  It should be a workplace that recognises the contribution of others, compliments and praises for effort.

Often, the culture of any workplace begins with the leader. If this person has an open and transparent style, it can make all the difference to the well being of the staff.  We hear too many sad stories of employees who are unable to perform consistently due to increasing pressure and lack of support from above.

Just as the employer conducts interviews and reference checks on the applicant, it is vital that potential employees also research the employer prior to accepting a role. It makes sense to ensure that both parties have congruent values and expectations. A happy employee works harder, is generally more giving to the community and to their family – it has the ripple effect ….. what comes around goes around…

Life is too short to spend most of your life in a job that damages your soul and sanity!

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