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Employee Assistance – Outplacement services

We provide professional outplacement services which assist staff who face redundancy, to move forward with confidence and works to ensure past employees remain strong business ambassadors in the future.

About Us

The team at Eather Recruitment are local. We are the people you meet in the street and say hello to at the supermarket. We know from living and working in a regional community just how important it is to have positive and professional relationships that are long-lasting.  We provide professional outplacement services which assist staff who face redundancy, to adjust and move forward with confidence and we work to ensure past employees remain strong business ambassadors in the future.

Traditional outplacement services provide job hunters a cubicle, a computer and a telephone, leaving many feeling frustrated, undignified and overwhelmed. Our Outplacement Services Program is highly personalized with intensive support for both the organization and its staff. It can be tailored to meet individual requirements, either one interview contact or several.

Tailored and individual Service

  •  Support for the candidate; dealing with their sense of loss and apprehension by recognizing their core strengths; targeting areas of knowledge and tasks they aspire to; rejuvenating their self-confidence and giving them a feeling of worth.
  • Initial one on one meeting with each candidate  (1-2 hour duration)
  • Provision of a high impact, crafted Resume; including resume distribution options (internet; email; recruiters, etc);
  • Intensive Coaching with a recruitment strategist;
  • Access, if required  to a diverse suite of Contemporary Career Assessment Tools,  including Trait and Motivational Appraisals of Personal Potential (MAPP)
  • 1-on-1 Coaching on interview skills; Expert Support and Advice in Career Strategy
  • Access to free self-help resources
  • Working through adjustment issues and discussion of budgeting and planning for the future
  • Access to Eather Recruitment job placement services
  • 90 day case management including contact points and assistance with applications and working through transition issues.

Our Process

Steps within our Framework:

  • Meet with Management and HR
  • Contact each employee within 24 hours
  • Meet with each outplaced employee
  • Analyse and identify individual needs and goals
  • Explore educational as well as employment possibilities
  • Identify Transferrable skills and experiences
  • Analyse and Research labour market
  • Investigate career prospects
  • Review Resume /cover letter/ KSC
  • Prepare job applications and crafted resumes
  • Complete individual Development plan
  • Set milestones and determine contact touch points
  • Evaluate and review status and determine

Our individual and intensive program includes face to face service contact points, ensures outgoing staff access high quality personal marketing tools, skills and the confidence they need to successfully obtain other jobs.

  1.  Comprehensive briefing from the organisation’s representative/s
  2.  Departing Staff will be contacted by Eather Recruitment to establish “take-up” of the service and if interested, set up interview times
  3.  Eather staff will be there immediately after termination, to answer initial practical questions and concerns. We describe the tools and techniques we will use to focus and speed the transition
  4.  During career transition counselling sessions, we provide tailored and practical tools that will help them to adjust and speed their search for alternative employment: we conduct the following:
  •  An inventory of competencies and accomplishments
  • At least one résumé to define ‘the product’
  • A specification of alternative career paths, the next and subsequent step.
  • Balancing client and candidate interests in the results of the transition, we support transition to full time jobs, contract assignments and entrepreneurial businesses
  • Market Planning: We specify target companies, networking contacts, recruiters, sources of posted jobs. When possible, we augment the candidate’s network with our own
  • Cover letters  and Practice interview techniques
  • As experienced coaches and trainers, we use this time to develop candidate’s skills and techniques
  • Concluding the search: Negotiating any offers of employment
  • Clients can choose to utilize the full suite of services offered or choose specific ones that they feel are suitable for them. The service extends for 90 daysfrom date of commencement of service. This means monitoring and case managing individuals and continuing to assist them with the transition.

Those “extras”

  •  ER is already an established and highly successful recruitment company with many employer/clients throughout Regional NSW – working currently with several job network agencies to leverage job outcomes as well as connected to large and small employers from diverse industries.
  •  ER works well with Government Job network agencies in sourcing and attracting potential employment for outplaced candidates
  •  ER is on the preferred staffing supplier list for Local Government and State government throughout NSW

Outplacement consultants

 Darren Eather – Over fifteen years’ experience within the recruitment sector both within Sydney and Regional NSW.  Continues to service Regional NSW, working closely with candidates, employers and business networks.  Darren is an experienced change management and talent development, Wendy is well-placed to provide career transition support to people at all levels, as an experienced case manager/leader he  has proven capabilities in coaching and mentoring staff.

Ivana Agapiou – Extensive experience within employment, training and recruitment sector working across diverse industries. Proven track record of successfully working with outplaced workers in various roles and industries.  Holds Graduate Certificate in Management & Ba Vocational Training. Highly experienced recruiter, coach and trainer, skilled in assessment processes, interview techniques and competency based training.



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