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Work that resume to get “that” job interview! Resumes Port Macquarie


 Resumes that stand out from the rest, (for all the right reasons) and are often the best! 

If you want a job, you will need to have a resume that works for you! it needs to be tailored and specific for the position you seek.

So, you have what you think it’s “a cracker” of a resume and you’re sending this resume out to a variety of jobs and …. nothing… …no interview requests, and if you are lucky, you get a “sorry, you have been unsuccessful” reply…  There is a strong message and lesson here… your resume is not working for you!

Resumes are the most crucial factor in many job applications, they are the only way a prospective employer obtains an impression of you, your work history and suitability for the role/culture.

What is your resume saying about you? Is it error-free? is it written for reading? is it too long? too short? lacks relevant information? looks like every other resume and does not have your individual stamp? Is in such a small or large font that it is illegible? I could go on and on and on here…. you get the drift… 

Now you want to know what to do?  If you think your resume is sick, and by this I mean it is in poor health and unable to get you over the line to an interview… you need to seek specialist advice!

You do need an Objective third party to read, review and assess the document – reading and interpreting it from the “employers” perspective… Yes, we are all sentimental about our resumes because we know how long and lovingly we entered our valuable work history and details… Great.. now get over yourself! do you want “that’ job or not?

Seek the experts – phone 0404056278  for a personalized meeting and have the very best resume devised that will launch you to your next interview and perhaps your dream job!

Write your resume Port Macquarie

Ivana Agapiou resume writer and career advisor


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