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Posted September 12th, 2018

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Whether you are a seasoned holiday maker who travels extensively, or someone who stays closer to home, we all get opportunities to witness a sneak peak into other lives; towns or people working in their own environments. Observing others, is more than just looking… it’s a valuable exercise – Just like reading a good book, travel should make you think; ponder; doubt; analyse… it should leave you with valuable memories that you can recall and use for your future. Yes, travel does expand the mind, but only if you let it!

Many travelers fast track visiting great, new  locations, with their “tick” list,  and run to the nearest tourist sites one after another, without really stopping and fully experiencing the culture and the people of that area.

One of the main benefits of travel is relating to others and using empathy and understanding. Tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and lifestyles. Understanding the “big picture” of why certain things are done, as well as appreciating the day to day routine and traditions.

What a wonderful divers world we live in. It teaches us that we can all live in harmony, if only we took the time to understand first!

Want to develop your interpersonal & communication skills? Want to increase your confidence? Want to engage in meaningful conversations and remain curious? These are mandatory core competencies in any job role… and what a great way to enhance your existing skills by travelling in our wonderful world!


Ivana Agapiou

General Manager

Eather Recruitment Pty Ltd