Inductions are not just good business etiquette, they help retain loyal staff!

Posted March 15th, 2018


Would you host an event like a wedding or dinner party, without first considering the following?

  1. Careful selection of the guests to be invited
  2. Thoughtful invitations that outline the 5 masters – what/when/where/who and how
  3. Start and end times and some basic safety and comfort information
  4. Facilitate a warm welcome and introduce them to other guests and VIP’s
  5. Check on your guests through the party and then regularly follow up
  6. Evaluation of value for expenditure

So why do so many organisations not plan and implement a simple induction process that can forge a positive and lasting impression of them and their company?  We spend valuable time and money sourcing and selecting new recruits and then often forget to organise a proper orientation for them to our business. The test of a great company is the way it treats its new employees! Just like organising an event where you would like your guests to feel welcomed and embraced, we need to consider how outsiders can be inducted more effectively. I’m sure some of us have experienced the “baptism of fire” induction that left us scarred and marred for life!

Need help organising and structuring a simple and effective  induction program? Give Eather Recruitment a call!

Ivana Agapiou
Eather Recruitment