It’s all about YOU! Customer Service can start with you, the customer!

Posted April 30th, 2018

lindemans1Are you the customer who expects the best of service every time and everywhere? I know that I am!

As consumers and paying customers we all have varying  levels of expectation when we spend our hard-earned money, whether it’s for a coffee or a holiday, we want the very best!

Some of us are keen on “more” that the ordinary, every day experience, we want and NEED that “extra’ and in my case, a fun factor!

So how do you receive the  service you deserve?  I believe, we need to start by behaving like we actually deserve great service!  How?

  • demonstrating  a positive attitude,  greet and smile at staff
  • be polite and well mannered always
  • be aware if you are drinking alcohol that your behaviour may change – in the negative!
  • act patiently and thank and praise with sincerity 
  • if staff have name badges, use their name often or ask for their name!
  • if deserved, leave a tip!
  • find a positive item and write a nice review of the establishment 


It’s the human experience that counts, it’s the tiny, simple factors that make a difference, be human first and see if your buying experiences become more positive (and photo-worthy!) Try it and see if your life is enhanced a  whole lot more!   Remember Karma – you get what you put out there! Often 2 fold!


Ivana Agapiou