Job criteria-Capability statements, How to respond… and get the Job Interview!

Posted July 19th, 2023

Job criteria and capability statements, can challenge not just our writing skills, but the way we perceive our work experiences, skills, and knowledge.

A relevant resume is still required, but you also need to get a grip and smooth your way around responses to Criteria or Capability statements.

As well as a great resume, you need to understand how to provide relevant responses,  you have to make your job application look & read like the process was effortless! Just like these pelicans in the pic, you can’t see the mad peddling under the water, all you see is smooth operation and a “glide”! we know that JOB applications & Resumes that require you to respond to Key Selection Criteria can be – NO, ARE  a very time-consuming task that requires great skill. 

 Responding to key criteria

In this article, I provide a sample criteria that comes up often for  many roles, and that is,

“High-level written and verbal communication skills including well-developed presentation skills.”

Good communication is a core competencies for all jobs.. regardless of the level! Notice that this statement also asks for 3 skill-sets – written/verbal and presentation to an audience. You can try to “bundle” all three,  or you can divide it up, either way, I strong suggest a very basic formula to follow:-   S.A.R  – Situation/ action / response

Summarise what you understand is effective communication first, then provide a great examples of when you used your communication skills effectively ….

Here is an example scenario –  when you were Managing Director’s PA and had to place a convincing argument to upgrade communication systems/phones which included Data base acquisition.

Situation – MD not sure about necessary change – no systems in place and antiquated phone and IT

Action – What did you actually “do” in this instance…  acted – took initiative to consult / listen/ research data… report. .cost analysis  – demonstrate benefits to Manager

Result – implementation of new process and procedures along with new IT supporting the changes – cost saving; time efficiencies; streamlined systems

The same formula applies to  Presentation skills

Explain how it is all about the audience! Who are they? What are the objectives of the presentation? To persuade? To inform?

Situation – you recently presented a mini – education assessing to Business Women’s network meeting

Action – had to prepare and present on Eather Recruitment – why use a recruiter?

Result – audience informed of services and persuaded to consider when next recruiting – connecting with a larger audience and personalizing the contact. Three leads were made and followed through with successful sales


Ivana Agapiou resume writer and career advisor