Job to fit the person? or person to fit the job?

Posted May 13th, 2019

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What do you think? should you modify the job to fit the person,

rather than find a perfect person to fit an imperfect job?

A subjective list of skills and experiences is neither objective nor predictive of performance. Instead, why not start off by finding stronger people and modify the job to meet their needs?

Most jobs are pretty fluid anyway, so it makes no sense to erect barriers-to-entry preventing some of the best people from applying. Prior to advertising for a role, examine what it is you need. Explore the ideal personality traits, for example, does the role require patience or persistance as a dominant trait? Construct a check list of tasks required to perform the role.  The “must have’s” and then the “nice to have’s” – be flexible is your requirements. There is always opportunity to train staff, however, if the person is not the right personality fit – no amount of training could help you!

All food for thought for this Monday Morning!

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