Jobs for the taking?

Posted August 24th, 2018


Earther Recruitment and Labour Hire job trap


if you want to work, then there’s work out there for you


I’m sure you have all heard the saying “if you want to work, then there’s work out there for you“?  Do you agree with this statement? I think it’s easier said than done!… easy to say, but a little more complexity than just being determined! Finding a job requires skills as well as determination! It requires an updated,  relevant resume along with specific marketing and promotional ability.

Each day we receive calls from job seekers who tell us that they will” do anything” and yet when an “anything” job presents, they often have an excuse as to why they can not perform that role.  The most important thing is to be 100% sure of what you can do and what you are “willing” to do, for example, I can clean homes, but I dont want to do this for a living – unless I’m homeless and desperate that is…and then who will employ me based on my desperation and not my skills-set and experience? tough call!

Our advice is firstly, to seek advice! consult with the recruitment professionals and with potential employers. Ask them what jobs are in demand, in fact, ask a lot of questions… and dont forget to ask yourself this dream question ” If you could have any job you wanted, and there were no barriers, what would that job look and feel like”

Your response will be an indication of what you really want.. and then you can set a plan and goals to achieve this! Life and work is not meant to be a prison…