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Landing that big fish is just like landing that big job!

Big fish are attracted to the right bait – is your resume the “right bait?”

Ever wondered why you never hear back from your job applications? Are you frustrated with not landing an interview, let alone “that”  job? Do you send out the same resume  for a variety of jobs?

Consider job searching is just like fishing.  Seasoned fisherman know that you need 3 main things to capture “that” particular fish.


The right bait on the right line – 

Resumes are not supposed to be one size fits many. They should be tailored and and pertinent to the advertised job. They should tell the reader that you have most of what they are after – the experiences, the skills and the knowledge required to perform the job that they advertised. Don’t make it difficult for them to see the “fit”. Don’t be too abstract and fancy. Just like a fishing lure, attract them to your resume, with attractive, yet highly relevant information. It’s important to meet at least 80% of the criteria or your resume will fall into a waste area and just be food for other less important fish.

The right time and place

You may want to apply for a CEO position, and you may even do a great job. However… are you really ready? Is this the right time, and is this the right organisation? Make sure you research and investigate not just the future of the company, but the demands of the role.  Realistically revise your work history. What aspects of your past and current career make you a serious contender for this role? Can you match your skills, experience and knowledge to their requirements? Hate to harp on…but you need to meet at least 80% of their essential criteria to get to a shortlist,let alone to the interview!

The right technique

Yes, you can send your resume in for loads of jobs, and yes, you can feel like you have invested a great deal of time job hunting, but if your technique is always the same, you may just be attracting more of the same.  AND be super frustrated. If you are lucky, perhaps you get little nibbles, little bites, enough to ruin your bait, (and your day)  but not enough to land you that interview.  Not all jobs are the same, therefore not all applications should be the same. It’s not a factory. It’s not a science. But it is common sense and a mark of a great communicator, if you can step into the reader’s shoes and consider what it is that they really, really want!

In summary, consider the end-game and the fish (the jobs) you want to attract . Which fish do you want to attract? Imagine what will attract them to you. Because, just like employers, not all fish are the same, you need to stand out and at the same time, look like a perfect fit! Will you be the solution that they are looking for? Will they rush to your application and want to contact you immediately? if not, why not?

Hopefully, if nothing else, you will think twice before sending out copious resumes and applications. One size does not fit many.

Ivana Agapiou career and outplacement advisor ; resume writer

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