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Resumes mean a lot! Is yours good enough? what is enough?

You are enough, but does your resume reflect this? A Good Resume IS THE KEY  to the door of  your success, so don’t allow it to let you down.

Every day we meet with candidates who have not grasped the basic fundamentals of a simple resume.  This is very easy to do as many of us have difficulty writing about ourselves. There is no right or wrong way to write a resume, there are just some golden rules.

There are two considerations before you commence composing on any resume

 1) what is the purpose of you  resume ?

2) who  is the audience / reader?

OK,  let’s examine these two considerations first

1) What is the purpose of a resume?

In our opinion, a good resume is one that gets you to an interview… pure and simple! Therefore the purpose is to influence, persuade and attract the reader’s attention! It should make them want to interview you and spend time getting to know you better.  The resume must be inviting and contain the key elements that pertain to the listed, advertised job. This is the one chance to entice the employer to “buy” you, and not someone else, so your resume needs to be hitting the spot in regards to key criteria and relevant skills. Employers (the readers) can not perform “leaps of faith” and draw the right conclusions unless you make it quite clear that your skills, experience & qualifications match the job that they need filled!

2) Who is the audience /who will read this document?

Research shows that most employers take 6-8 seconds to read a resume.  WOW! that is not much time eh? Especially consider how long the average person spends writing a resume!  So you must pack the punch and hit the target for that job in that short time!

Here are a two most important  hints

1) Phone the employer before sending in an application. Have questions prepared in regards to the job. One of the best questions is “In this role, what does 80% of the day look like?”

2) Write the resume with the job advert in mind. What are they really looking for? Highlight the skills and experiences that you feel will translate easily to the role. Examine the information you have gathered on the role and the content of your resume and see if you can match them both to this job.  If you can’t then just maybe the reader will have difficulty seeing the alignment also. If the advert calls for “experience” in a certain field and you don’t have that experience, what can you write in a positive way that explains how you gained similar experience elsewhere? It’s called transferable skills… but you will have to help them “see” the easy transition,,Whatever you do, DO NOT write “I DON’T have the experience required!”

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