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Return to send, address unknown, no such number…

Resumes with outdated addresses and with wrong contact numbers, oh mah…

Does your resume have your correct and current address, phone number and email?

Where you are living is irrelevant, unless the job advert stimulates that it’s important to be close to the job, however, you will need to have an address.

It’s unbelievable that many don’t run the basic check on their contact details , but it’s true. . You would think that it would be a given and an essential requirement that  candidates details, especially  about themselves, would be 100% correct and very current. You would think; and you’d be wrong! Over and over again, we receive out of date resumes that don’t reflect the candidate’s current contact details, let only current employment status.

This demonstrates stability as well as close availability. Your email address MUST be one that you access regularly and one that is correctly spelt on the resume. Your phone contacts are also vital. Check that phone number on your resume is the right one! Check your phone for messages and missed calls often and ensure that your phone is running well, for example, battery is fully charged! One last hint on mobile phones- check the message your leave for unanswered calls. Make sure yours is not in the grey area of concern. Leave a professional and clear message so that the caller can feel confident enough to leave a message!

The other of concern with current contact details are the referees. Often candidates DO NOT check on the whereabouts of their referee/s or even that their referees are prepared for a potential call from a future employer.

This is basic RESUME Writing 101 and if you cant get this right, why are you sending out resumes and no one can actually call you back, let alone find your current address.

Please check your resume, before you press “send” …  you may be missing out only because you forgot to update your basic contact details… GOOD NEWS… it’s an easy fix.

Ivana Agapiou – resume writer and career advisor