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Self-awareness, a Jewel in the E.Q crown

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Do yourself a favour and Raise your self-awareness.

Know thyself.

The saying “Know thyself” is an essential ingredient for ensuring a successful life.  When faced with conflicts or challenges, Self awareness is the essential EQ ingredient that will save the day.

When the rubber hits the road, how do you react?   Sometimes in a conflict situation, we are so caught up with emotion, indignation and self-righteousness that we cannot get ourselves out of the difficulties without bitterness, heartbreak and sorrow.  Our emotions can block clear thinking.

Manage conflicts better

Conflicts and unexpected disasters are a natural part of living.  It could be a job loss or personal conflicts at work, it may even be as simple as a misunderstanding or miscommunication. If you are unable to forge through most these and come out the other end a “better” person for the experience, then you will find your life and your future happiness and well-being will suffer as well as your personal and professional growth.  There is a “HOWEVER”,  however, if you don’t know how you react, and how this affects others and the outcomes from life challenges,  you will never grow and learn.


I recently had the pleasure of listening to a speech that “raised” my spirits and confirmed for me that it is always worth the effort and pain to take the high road and become the better person when dealing with conflict or life’s storms. The speaker used the following acronym R.A. I. S. E to help explain how his life was enhanced by “working though” problems he was experiencing raising his wayward son.  Rather than the easier path of “letting him go on a negative and self-destructive path, he choose to work through the issues and battle on.

He’s a little of what he said, The acronym R. A. I. S. E  was of benefit to him though his trauma and he used it this way

Responsibility, Take responsibility for your actions and your part in the story, each event is there and often you have played a part either covertly or overtly. Own up, face up and take the responsibly seriously. In his case, being a better parent.

Acceptance, Accept that this has happened/ is happening and that that is life. No use denying it’ it’s real and needs to be addressed.

Improvement, Seek ways to behave better, be nobler, more loving, more kind, be a better human being.

Strength, Remain resilient, remain focused and strong. Demonstrate that you can, and you will see this through.

Empathy, There are always many sides to  any story,  always strive to see it from the other view points.

By being more self-aware you will be able to behave in a more authentic manner, often increasing your confidence and general state of happiness!

This simple acronym worked well for my friend,  and I believe would work well for you too!  It’s all about taking stock, pausing and being self-aware. Understanding that no matter what the conflict matter is, we all have a responsibility to look inwards and analyse whether we can improve the situation or we can choose to continue to harbor resentment, sadness and even anger.


Ivana Agapiou, career and outplacement – resume writer