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Selling is important in every job!


SALES is not a dirty word!

Whether it’s a Café or a fast food outlet, selling is a natural part of service delivery! Many employees cringe when asked to sell, promote and add value to a sale. Some employees feel intimidated and are often are too shy to “encourage” customers to buy something.  It is imperative that all staff know how to sell and how to sell with ease and confidence… here are a few helpful tips that may help you train your staff and assist your business to increase sales


Smile, make great eye contact and have a special greeting.. not some sentence that sounds rehearsed, but something unique to  your business,  for example “ Welcome to Ma Maison!”


Customer is first and foremost. This is not a big deal, what it really means  is that staff focus on the customer FIRST… they find out what the customer wants, rather than just push what they are trying to sell them! This kind of “solution selling” is a far more powerful than simply delivering a general-purpose sales pitch for something that the customer may not want.


Discuss with your staff possible reasons the customer may choose not to buy, this is known in the sales industry as ‘objections’.  For example if the waiter is tryring to sell the “special of the day” which happens to be fish, and customer doesn’t like fish, perhaps an alternative dish ready for spruiking


Sadly and in summary, many staff don’t act enthusiastically or even in a friendly manner… this lack of positive and effective non-verbal and verbal communication can be the downfall for many businesses. We often forget that it’s the service EXPERIENCE customers will remember most, not necessarily the great food or good wine!


Don’t forget that selling and persuasiveness is a VITAL aspect of customer service! add that to your resume!

Ivana Agapiou