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DIY Resumes? are some things better done by others?

DUI resumes can turn out amazing. Many do not make the first cut! If you’re not sure, ask an expert to review and advise.

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A Real, Authentic Resume

Your resume should be draw card or an enticement for the reader, to explore further by calling you in for an interview… the reader is intrigued and interested enough to find out MORE about you..

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Capability Statements and your response,it’s a hill climb

How are selection criteria developed? All essential criteria are based on the core and business enabler capabilities contained in the organisation’s Capability Framework. Usually the selection panel will go through the key responsibilities of the job and pick the capabilities that they believe an employee would need to do these duties effectively.

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Your resume is your passport to a better future

I believe its a VITAL career Investment, and in this post we will evaluate whether your resume is helping or hindering your future security, satisfaction and success rates at the job application.

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Please read between the lines———————-

Most resumes are poorly written and presented and we make judgements based on these factors.  Yes,  it is up to the applicant to present themselves professionally, however in our experience, the resume is one of the most challenging documents to get the write “right”! In general, many applicants do themselves a disservice by either under, or over selling their talents 

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