The big, long wait, will you get that call?

Posted April 3rd, 2024

The Waiting

We are often asked how long it would take a company to get back to you after you have applied for a job. There is no right answer.  There is best practice that most companies try to follow.

Many companies have a structured recruitment phase.  This includes:

  1. composing the advert
  2. Listing the job on net /media
  3. scouring through resumes
  4. screening applications (usually 2 weeks after advert goes live) scanning resumes
  5. calling successful candidates to an interview
  6. reference checks
  7. selection
  8. Informing all the unsuccessful candidates

Often the bigger the company, the longer they take to recruit. However, small business owners who are time poor, may also take a long time to contact you.

Sadly, all too often, many don’t call; write or email you back at all. This wait period is, and can be, highly stressful. To ease your anxiety, make a list of all the jobs you applied for. On this list, include the Company name; the job outline; the date you applied (or their closing date for applications)  and the reasons why you applied. That way, if /when you get THE CALL, you will be prepared. This is important to do especially if you have applied for several jobs at once. There is nothing more unprofessional than responding to that all important call with “who are ya?” or even worse, “what job did I apply for?”

When you do get the call, and are scheduled for an interview, make sure you are fully prepared. If you haven’t done it already, research the company and the role further.

Lastly, you got the call! and now all you have to do is perform your very best at interview and then throw it all to chance! Hopefully, you will be called and congratulated on getting the job. If not, soldier on, as sometimes its not you.. its just chance…

Ivana Agapiou – resume writer, career advisor, outplacement services