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The Hidden Job Market


a sign eather recruitment and labiur hire

Are you in the job market? Have you noticed just how only a few jobs are advertised in the Print media? Have you also asked yourself why? one of the main reasons for the scarcity is that on-line & the hidden job market has taken over!

Besides the mountains of employment site choices, like SEEK etc, there are still many employers, especially small business owners, who continue to recruit the old fashioned way! That is, ask a friend or a current employee if “they know anyone”. So how do you capitalise on this?

There are a number of choices to make. Here are 10

  • 1. ‘ ignore the print media, always scan even if its to catch up with new developments and new businesses.
  • 2. develop a Linkedin presence
  • 3. talk about your job seeking to anyone who will listen- network, network, network!
  • 4. access as many of the larger organisation’s web sites and job vacancy listings
  • 5. join a network that is affiliated with the industries you are interested in
  • 6. volunteer your time in an area of great interest
  • 7. cold call to a number of businesses that interest you
  • 8.  find out who makes the employment decisions and address an unsolicitated letter & resume to them
  • 9. register at as many recruitment companies you can
  • 10. don’t forget to send a thank you letter to those who went out of their way to help you… even a little!

Lastly, hang in there…. be persistent and patient!

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