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Posted January 3rd, 2024

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Employers usually look for “what’s wrong” with the applicant first, rather than what is right about them! Hiring is tough!


Eather Recruitment and labour hire is fortunate to have a wealth of resumes and candidates. We’re lucky enough to get a lot of interest in the many roles we post, but the massive number of responses we receive means we need to be efficient about the way we conduct the hiring process. One way we edit and process the applications, is by matching them to a mandatory list of “must have’s”.  Firstly, the RESUME must pass the first screen! Provided this makes the grade – There are 5 areas we explore and from our research, it is also the very same for many employers!

   1.  Candidates  haven’t conducted any research into the company

When we first opened and just getting off the ground and recruiting for staff,  one of  our first questions was about what the candidate knew and thought of our business: One candidate responded by saying “To be honest, I haven’t had time to research you yet!” That’s when the interview should have ended and saved both of us a lot of time.

Getting the company name wrong,  or not checking out their website, not thoroughly researching what a company does – you’d think getting these things right would go without saying, but they come up more often than you’d expect, and demonstrate a lack of attention to detail, passion for the product and industry and, frankly, respect for the company and interviewer.

2.      Typo’s and lack of attention to detail on Resume and application

Speaking of attention to detail, typos are another non-starter. Our team has received many  resumes expressing a candidate’s enthusiasm for a role at “Either Recruitment” or emphasizing their “Attenntion to dertail skills” (really!!). First impressions matter, and it’s worth taking the time (and getting a second set of eyes to look over your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn page) to make a good one.

3.      Out dated LinkedIn / Facebook Profiles

In many industries, but in particular the Tech world, having an out-of-date LinkedIn profile just doesn’t make sense. Sharing your resume via email is great, but having a clean, updated and professional public profile is essential. Having an updated LinkedIn profile says that you value personal brand management, understand current hiring trends and are upfront about your career history. Take the time to clean yours up, get recommendations from colleagues (and write them in return!) and make yourself look enticing to potential employers. You never know who might discover you that way.

Facebook profiles – make sure privacy settings are in place and that the cover photo reflects a professional image – yes,  employers DO look at this.. they DO check on your LIKES, LINKS and posts.

4.      Inappropriate on Twitter

Employers often check out candidates’ social media presence when screening resumes. Posting inappropriate, unprofessional content on your public Twitter account is obviously an even big red flag. If your Twitter account is public, it’s part of how you represent yourself and your company. And if you’re going to include it on your resume, make sure you’re not rescheduling interviews due to “a really bad cold” while posting about the fantastic hangover you have from last night’s binge (yes, this has happened).

5.      NOT Motivated to Do Great Things

If a candidate has no response to a question that should be easy for them to answer, it’s a good indicator that they don’t have that deep-seated motivation to do great things. Figure out what that question is for you.

  • Why do you want this job?
  • What would you do if you had $1 million?
  • What kind of business would you start, if you could do anything?

As for our golden question, I’ll leave that as a surprise for when you’re interviewed at Eather Recruitment and Labour Hire!

Finally, naturally, the list of positive qualities we to look for in candidates far surpasses the negatives. Enthusiasm, passion, energy, intelligence, thoughtfulness – these go a long way in convincing a potential employer that you’re right for the job. Does this sound like you?

Ivana Agapiou,

Eather Recruitment