A job, is a job, is a job…not your whole identity

Posted April 8th, 2019


The world of work is in constant, rapid change, no longer can we rely on a job for life, or a rosy career path all lined up far into the distant future with more roses at the end. LOL.

To have a robust garden, it has to adapt and be flexible to different seasons, unexpected changes in weather patterns, and unpredictable climate. Let’s not forget the competition for nutrients from weeds, disease and pests… hmm not unlike some workplaces!

So too many businesses need to be fully aware of future trends and both large and small businesses are reviewing and changing the way they staff and manage their workplaces. It could mean more part time and/or casual labour, it could be a matter of downsizing… I’m not implying that their methods are right… but it does happen…There are no guarantees of  job security or of a permanent job … in this constant climate of change – what are you doing to best prepare yourself ? 

Many of us associate what we do each day at work with who we are. This is not entirely our fault! At most social occasions, people will ask us “What do you do?” and than make judgement of us based on our career choice!

A job is something that we do, but should not be something that defines us fully, and forever! Our work provides us with an income, and our job gives a us a title along with responsibilities and duties to perform. Some lucky people get to do the job that they love and can actually attain a  100% perfect fit! However this is not the norm, most of us tend to link and merge our personality into the job and do the very best we can do to enjoy our working life. Our jobs can help us socialize, provide personal and professional growth, and of coarse, be a source of income.

Now here’s a problem… we sometimes “marry” and merge with our work, so much so, that if and when the job is no longer available due to whatever reason, redundancy and economical downturn… we are understandably upset!  Jobs themselves are labelled, either permanent or temporary… and this misleads us into thinking that permanent work is on-going and perhaps forever…The best way to approach the world of work is to truly understand that you don’t “own” a  job, and to start this process, don’t call it “your” job. It’s just a role and a duty you are performing at this space in time, to acquire an income and a way of life!

The job is here and now,  and who knows for how long? No one can predict the future with any certainty, and we are no longer assured of one job for life (unless we start our own business based on our interests)  We are living and working in times of rapid change, with new technologies and new ways of performing roles…and let’s mention the other R word… ROBOTS …  so,  What are you doing to best prepare yourself for the future? Here are five helpful suggestions to get you thinking… and hopefully set you on the rosy path to learning and growing from experience:

  1. Keep abreast of trends, read and research articles on new ideas and emerging work patterns – seek out contemporary and analytical thinkers, check Utube, Ted talks,  or listen to podcasts, but keep informed or you will feel “left out” or worse,  hit by a change that other’s saw coming first and were more prepared to adapt.
  2. Maintain your currency in education, training and up-skilling and with new technologies; never stop learning and developing your knowledge, whether its personal development; meditation, learning how to learn,  or attending stimulating lectures. Just do it!
  3. check the job market regularly, what new roles and new industries are emerging?
  4. Review, Revise and refresh your resume every 6 months!
  5. Keep a strong, core skills-set that are the foundation to any job – core competencies are a necessity anywhere!


Ivana Agapiou #resumewriter