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Don’t be Naive … Face book is used as a screening tool by employers

images (3)Social media is one way to access personal and private information… and make judgements of others ….

 Let’s get real. If detective agencies and the FBI (along with Hackers) use Face Book to find stuff out about you… why wouldn’t an employer do the same?

YES! Face book is used by prospective employers to help them assess the character or personality of a candidate.  Sorry, it’s a fact that many employers do get on there and search around for your name and make all sorts of judgements on you.

These judgements may often be wrong, but we are all human and judging is what we do! If in your resume, you have written that you are a professional with a strong work ethic,  along with some hobbies and interests..etc.. do these details align with what you have entered on your FB page? or would a casual observer see a significant difference.. Dr Jeckell and/or  Mr Hyde??

Here are just 3 questions for you to consider when you are next visiting your own page. 

1) is your profile pic nice? what would your mother say about it?

2) Check your FB cover pic – is it a mainstream, and a non-offensive type shot – for example, not one of you half naked, with alcohol spilling down your chest?

3) what groups are you associated with? ( make sure that they are not outlawed!)

Your Facebook should align with the image you want to portray… it should speak volumes about your personality and character without highlighting the “seedy and sordid”. Facebook is NOT the platform for nasty complaints or for rubbishing others… it needs to remain in sinq with the branding and image you want others to think of you… especially prospective employers –  ASK yourself…..

  • what is it that you want others to think about you?
  • what statement best describes you and is this resonated on your page
  • can you  develop a statement that speaks volumes about who you really are?
  • MOST importantly – this will help you devise your SOCIAL Media strategy – yes you do need one!

Suggested SOLUTIONS?

  • Add super-security settings to your page NOW!
  • Maintain quality and some professionalism on your posts
  • Guard your image as if your life depended upon it!
  • remove any potential offensive posts and photos if you can

All the best in your quest to maintain the image you want… best advice.. think before you click!!

Ivana Agapiou