A little FIGJAM is good for you

Posted June 3rd, 2022

A little FIGJAM is good for you. I‘m Good, Just Ask Me.

That announcement is OK, provided the self-praise is meant to bolster and boost your confidence.

This is especially true if you’ve suffered a career disappointment. However, be wary of staying in this state of mind for too long. There may be a risk that you could become a little too arrogant and less humble.

There will be times when you will need to have a ready script that sells all your key achievements.  When its vital to proudly state what great contributions you have made to a successful project or to your workplace. The trick is to have it said or written in such a way that you don’t appear arrogant and totally “up your self”! 

Your resume needs to have your relevant achievements listed, as it pertains to the job your applying for. The reader can clearly see the correlation and connection between you – their job description and personality profile they seek. A resume needs to spell out what you have done and most importantly, how well you did it!

There are a number of reasons why you should include a little  FIGJAM in your resume’s work history, let me list the 5 top reasons you might want to be a bit proud.

  1. it’s true and correct, you are good!
  2. your achievements are an historical journey, demonstrating improvement, learning and growth
  3. the resume records outcomes and milestones that prove your worth
  4. serves as a memory jogger when responding to selection criteria or capability statements
  5. lovely and damn good for you to know your worth

Many employers want you to be confident and self-assured. They are not seeking a shy wall flower who is reluctant to support and “back-up” their own capability statements. They want to hear that the person they have short-listed can cut the mustard, that it isn’t just bravado speaking.   Most want to know that you are as good as you claim to be. Be ready with solid examples that support your statements; be ready with statistics; outcomes and/or examples of your work. Often the best way to demonstrate your greatness is by providing testimonials, so make your sure our referees love you and can also substantiate your claims!

Having trouble working out the difference between arrogance and proudly stating your worth?  You are not alone here, we all struggle with this! The best way to write your own history is to have an objective third party help you.  Ideally, this person doesn’t know you, they don’t have an agenda, other than to see you succeed. All they want to do is help you flesh out the diamonds in your work history.

Lastly, self praise is still great to boost your confidence!

If you need help crafting a job application that provides your future employer with a positive view of how you can enhance their business, give me a call on 0404 056 278 or visit figjamresumes.com.au

Ivana Agapiou – resume writer and career consultant