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A Warm and Welcoming Reception!

quick staff reception 2

Each role within hospitality is vital, especially front desk and this is often the first point of contact and the farewell… a lasting memory and important feature if you want repeat business. Don’t under-rate the genuine smile and welcome!

What a wonderful reception at the Port City Bowling Club…. Christie, the receptionist, has a natural, warm and welcoming nature that is emphasized by the best smile!  When I asked her how she is copes at a busy reception desk, and how does she always manage to make great eye contact, smile and greet EVERYONE…. her reply was .. ” Everyone has their bad day, but on these days, you must continue to provide good customer service and on your really good days, provide excellent customer service!”

Thanks Christie, you really did make my day and I am sure that many, many other guests were made to feel special, welcomed and invited to the Club. Congratulations on your positive attitude and well done to Port City Management for creating such a great atmosphere!


Ivana Agapiou