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Acceptable Hand shakes..

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Handshakes are the predominant, acceptable physical contact within business and within our culture.

    They are the universally accepted business greeting. Hugs & kisses are taboo unless you are in Italy and even there, you have protocols!

  • You are judged by the quality of the handshake, you will be judged on: level of confidence; power; friendliness and assertion to mention a few


so what makes a good hand shake?


    1. A good handshake:
      • keep the fingers together with the thumb up and open
      • slide your hand into the other person’s so that each person’s web of skin between thumb and forefingers touches the other’s
      • squeeze firmly
    2. A proper handshake:
      • is firm, but not bone-crushing
      • lasts about 3 seconds
      • may be “pumped” once or twice from the elbow
      • is released after the shake, even if the introduction continues
      • includes good eye contact with the other person
    3. Extend a hand when:
      • meeting someone for the first time
      • meeting someone you haven’t seen for a while
      • greeting your host(ess)
      • greeting guests
      • saying good-bye to people at a gathering
      • someone else extends a hand
    4. Handshaking Tips:
      • if your hands tend to be clammy, spray them with antiperspirant at least once a day.
      • avoid giving a cold, wet handshake by keeping your drink in the left hand
      • dont just offer the tips of your fingers!

Ivana Agapiou

Eather Recruitment and Labour Hire