Aligning your professional image with the real you – be authentic

Posted May 1st, 2019


… at first glance it looks like a shark..

Are you being be 100% authentic? It’s difficult to fake… unless your a sociopath…

At some time we have all heard or experienced how some people act differently at work then  how the behave at home or in social settings.  Sometimes, even new employees once they have passed probation period, can appear to be a quite different person from the personality you met at initial interview! Why is this so?

Understandably there are a variety of complex reasons why someone would react and behave differently at work then at play. Firstly, there are pressures from work commitments, time lines, peers, policies, and company / business culture that will affect the way we behave.

Recent research within the banking industry has shown that there have often been cases of fraud, which have led to a considerable loss of image for banks. Are bank employees by nature less honest people? Or does the business culture in the banking sector favor dishonest behavior? New findings indicate that the business culture in the banking sector implicitly favors dishonest behavior.

Sometimes, it could be the reverse and we can be really nice at work but a nightmare at home!  If you are feeling a little “out of alignment” with your true self… it’s time to pause and reflect..  ask yourself a few questions: like .. Is what you are doing now either at work or at home, beneficial to all concerned? Is it the truth? Does it add-value to your life and the life of others? Is it congruent with the image you want to portray? Is what you are doing meet community and business standards?

Most of all – Is the job you are in, the best fit for you?


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