Complain with positive effects…

Posted June 6th, 2018

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Complaints, if given with courtesy and good manners, can be a great way to develop an on-going and lasting relationships and help you get what you want!

For the majority of us, we tackle complaints with dread. We are reluctant to speak up, sometimes fearing confrontation, repercussions and / or “making a scene”.  However, complaints can be made effectively and assertively! There are four general ways you can choose to communicate and yes, it is a choice…

1) Aggressive – shouting, using expletives, name calling and general anger over the issue and communicating with way too much vigor and emotion.

2) Passive/aggressive – pretend to be OK about everything; pay the bill reluctantly, drop a hint of unhappiness; don’t complain openly but perhaps make sarcastic comments, this could be anything from  mentioning how bad an experience you just had as you walk-out the door, so that it’s in ear shot of other customers. Never return and tell 1,000’s of others that the establishment sucks.

3) Passive – say nothing, smile and leave – you don’t want to make a scene or any trouble, your’e happy to put up and perhaps even forgive often..

4) Assertive – this is the very best option. It’s genuine, sincere and an adult conversation that asserts your rights without disrespecting the rights of others. The scenario  might sound like this ” Thanks so much for the great service today, (a positive opening) just thought I’d let you know that the coffee was cold, (what went wrong) this was disappointing as I would like to keep coming back here! (nice ending that allows the business to “make-up” and fix the error)

Ivana Agapiou