Increase your confidence and land that job!

Posted May 5th, 2019

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One of the most underrated and most challenging ways to increase your confidence and the potential of landing “that” job is …. are you ready for it?

through …………….PUBLIC Speaking!

Yes, the scariest thing you can do, is often the BEST thing you can do to improve your

  • Confidence
  • Speech – both with vocal variety and volume
  • Vocabulary and use of proper grammar
  • Speech structure and especially timing!
  • Ability to use your  natural, conversational style, only to a larger audience
  • Persuasive and motivational ability

Take any opportunity you can to present!  Raise your hand for any project that will need you to talk to an audience….still not sure? why not join a local Toastmaster club and see how warm and supportive this group can be! What better way to experiment, make mistakes and try out, then in a group of like-minded individuals who will encourage and motivate you to be successful.

Not only will public speaking help with the areas above, it will be useful in gaining a promotion; being noted and really… who wants to live a life in fear of “talking”?

Ivana Agapiou

Eather Recruitment Pty Ltd