Stimulate senses for success!

Posted May 6th, 2019

The customer experience IS everything!

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Customers are after not just a purchase, they also seek a great experience. This intangible factor can either break or make a business.

Recently I went to  Open House Port Macquarie, looking for nothing in particular, just a Saturday morning browse through the variety of furniture and home wares. Thankfully, there was a cafe there also!  Rachel our Barista, was amazing, she had all the essential ingredients … great smile, warm greeting as well as great Barista skills. Our stay was not only extended, our mood was now elevated and let me tell you, there is nothing like an elevated mood to get that wallet open!

Open House met all 5  of our human senses … maybe even a 6th one!

  1. Visually appealing surroundings , with loads of colour, and interesting items.
  2. Sounds of soft laughter, background music and the “quiet spaces to sit and contemplate”
  3. Customers are enticed to touch and feel – you can’t help it!
  4. The taste of coffee and the amazing cheese cake was to die for!
  5. The Aroma of coffee and the subtle perfumes abound
  6. Lastly, that 6th sense that tell you to come back because … just because it “felt good!”

Thanks OPEN House… we will return!