5 Tips for hiring great staff!

Posted February 2nd, 2024


5 fast tips for hiring long-term, loyal employees

 Are you in recruitment mode and seeking workers for your business?   Here are 5 easy tips that may help attract, recruit, and maintain happy workers…

  1. Market and promote a strong brand image

Good marketing not only applies to attracting clients. Applicants want to work for an “employer of choice”.  Ensure you project the most professional image you can in all your media choices,  like your website, social media and events. Most importantly, this professional image must be aligned to your customers experience and what your potential new staff members notice about you. Is your establishment projecting what you are advertising?

  1. Create a warm and positive work culture

If you maintain a pleasant work environment, you won’t have to look too hard for new team members, as no one will want to leave! Developing a reputation as a great employer helps position you as an ideal workplace. Companies known as quality work places often spend less money and time on recruiting because people are waiting for vacancies to arise!. Word of mouth works really well as your team talk to peers in other workplaces about what a great boss you are and what a great place to work!

  1. Demonstrate community engagement

Get involved in your community. Sponsor and participate in events that get you out into the public and in front of prospective employees. Take on some public speaking engagements that present you as an expert and leader in your field. Start a blog and include comments about why your business has the best people and show you really are very proud of them.  Your reputation will spread and your current employees will appreciate you even more.

  1. Recruit slow – consider recruitment Agencies

Often small business owners ask their staff to refer people (like themselves) to work for them. Sometimes this works, however you may find that “friends” and family may cause unnecessary conflicts in the workplace.  It is advised to recruit slowly and carefully, making sure you have a clear picture of the type of person you are looking for; as well as a good job description, prior to seeking any further staff.   Some employers may find recruitment difficult, whether it’s because they don’t have the time or maybe it’s because they are not confident with recruitment.  You may want to consider an objective perspective and hire a professional and experienced recruiter who knows just what to look for when sourcing the right staff for you. If you are a small to medium business, a good recruiter can attract and place candidates who might not normally consider your workplace.   For larger businesses, recruitment agencies can often be the most cost effective way to find the best fit.  As we all know, an unhappy,  team member can destroy the culture of any  business very quickly.  Just one bad apple…….

  1. Manage their performance and reward good work

Talk early, talk often and talk private”.  The most important aspect of any relationship is consistent and regular communication.  A clear written job description along with simple expectations of their on- the- job behaviour must be communicated to them. When you see your staff performing well, sincerely praise them! If and when they are not performing to standard,  a chat in private is necessary and make sure you refer them to the written expectations a help steer back on track.


In conclusion, one of the biggest challenges of any business is staffing.  If staff are the wrong fit, and do not enjoy their jobs, this attitude will be obvious to your customers! Your customers want to experience a happy, positive environment. It’s not just the great coffee and food that delights, it’s the people interactions, it’s the remembering of customer’s names and orders, it’s the genuine smile that really counts to making sure your customers return time and time again and making your business a success.


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