Networking is Working and working often

Posted February 2nd, 2024

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Everyone has networks, but not everyone has networking in their job marketing plan. This is a well-proven strategy to assist job seekers source work.

So many jobs are found through word of mouth and many say “it’s who you know”.  Who do you know in your networks that are in positions of power or even people who know other influential people?  Are you maintaining contact with your networks? Do they know you are seeking work?

Don’t forget that small business is a BIG employer and many don’t have very sophisticated recruitment processes, even though they have very profitable businesses. Sometimes they may ask  current employees to refer “someone they know” for one or more of their vacant positions. If you have not connected with your circle, how will they know to mention your name?

In this Blog I am only discussing the face to face encounter. Social Media is a whole other chapter! However, it is vital that all your marketing is congruent, ie. your image on FB should reflect your professionalism too!

In summary, use each  encounter/ event/seminar/introduction to showcase your professionalism, your commitment to your industry of choice, your positive personality and most of all your advanced communication skills. When “working a room” – (more on this great tactic in another blog- shish so many interesting angles  to this topic!) make sure you ask questions and don’t monopolise a conversation – yep.. it’s 10% talk and 90% listen rule that applies at business and social functions. Keep your business card handy and collect ones from others. Follow up with a nice to meet you email. You want to be remembered and remembered for all the great things!

Just like meeting the Fockers for the first time – every meeting is a chance to impress!

Ivana Agapiou

Eather Recruitment Pty Ltd