Looking for work? are you searching for jobs in all the right places?

Posted June 23rd, 2022


Looking for work is just like fishing.

You have to have the right bait, the right target employers and the right timing.

Finding a job in Regional NSW is a little more challenging that the Metro areas, however, there are tried and true methods that work in any job market.

Let’s explore the fishing analogy

The Right Bait

I believe your resume is the “Bait” that catches the attention of the reader (or not!). What results have you got from your resume? Have you sent heaps out with little result? Did your resume “bait” the reader enough to invite you to an interview? If not, change your bait! Each time you fish for work, make sure your bait is adapted to the role  or the “catch”. Sending the same resume out for various jobs, is NOT helping you bait the right catch!

The Right Employer

A good fisherman reads the weather reports, checks for the best areas for particular catches. Looking for work is no different. Research the companies you are keen on; (don’t be afraid to make a phone call and ask questions!) Examine the future of this industry – is it viable? if you got work ( or fished here) is it fertile enough to sustain you in the future; check that you have the right qualifications; skills and experience; Written job applications need to be tailored to the job advertisement.

The Right Time

Seeking a career change? or looking for a new job in the same industry? Just like fishing for the same breed of fish means working out what that particular fish likes best. What would be the best bait and what times are best to catch them? Employers and industries often have “down times” or seasonality too! If you are seeking a complete career change – what have you learnt from previous experiences and jobs that would be relevant in your new path? This is known as “transferable skills”. Fishing in new zones, requires the Angler to utilize what they have already learnt and be prepared to fail sometimes. List all your capabilities, skills and make sure that this is what your new employer is looking for. As a recruiter, I rarely get a call from applicants asking questions on an advertised role, if I do receive a call, many just rave about themselves, without asking ONE question on the role! This is not to right time to rave… that is for the formal application. First and foremost, find out all you can…

Ivana Agapiou resume writer