Top 5 FAQ’s on Recruitment and Job Services

Posted May 29th, 2022



Read the sign posts – not all recruitment services are the same.

Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions of our recruitment services

Hopefully, it will help you when you are either looking for your next, great employee or when you are in the job market, seeking work.

1.How do you charge for your recruitment process for permanent hire services?

There is no charge to candidates. Once an employer  selects and commences the candidate under their own Business Name, then they will be charged accordingly. The investment is worked out as a percentage of the annual salary. We send terms and conditions prior to acting on your behalf. We offer 100% guarantee on all placements.

2. What is Labour Hire contracting?

Temporary or labour hire staff  are contracted to an employer for the length of time they are required Whether that is for one day or 12 months,  for a season, reason or a particular contract length. Eather Recruitment  act as the Employer and contract the worker/candidate to the employer. Eather Recruitment charge the employer an hourly on-cost that includes Worker’s compensation; Superannuation and pay roll.

3. How can you register for Eather Recruitment?

We advertise all our job vacancies on our website It is recommended that applicants check this space regularly as they will gain a strong indication or what types of jobs are on offer; the demand for that type of job;  and where the jobs are located.  Candidates can contact our office to arrange a face to face registration interview which may include skills testing.  We encourage candidates to email their resumes to us via the Website in the first instance.

4. Are you a Job Services Agency? Will you find me work?

We are a Private employment agency, we are not aligned with Centrelink and therefore not a Job Services Agency. We are not funded or performance measured by the Government on how many people find work through us. We work from the Employer needs first, and if applicants meet the specific criteria, they will be referred to the position/s. Therefore it is imperative that applicants understand that Regional job markets are limited and that often employers are seeking specific skills set.

5. How do I apply a job through Eather Recruitment?

Check the job vacancies on website and apply on line attaching resume and response/s to the advertisement

…………..still have some outstanding questions? contact us on 0404056278

Ivana Agapiou – career adviser

Eather Recruitment