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Do the job you love! Love the job you do!

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Ask yourself: If you could do anything for 8 or 9  hours a day for the rest of your life, and money was no object, what would you really do?

Holidays are a great time  to reflect on our  lives and  often get us to consider ”  are you really excited about returning to work, to do what your doing every day?”

when I was growing up,  we used to hear the term “calling”. It meant that each of us has a drive or a pull to do something that we were born to do. The “call” was  driving force that propelled us to a particular career , whatever the cost, both financially, physically and emotionally.

How strong is your drive? are you passionate enough about life to motivate yourself to a career that will fulfill your dreams and aspirations – and most importantly, make a real difference to your community, and your world?  What are your unique gifts? are you utilising them in your current life? if not, why not?

I connect you to a link that may help you to discover your true “calling” click on this now! ……………….

Ivana Agapiou General Manager Eather Recruitment