Important job skills for a successful life

Posted February 2nd, 2024

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Soft skills – take it seriously for job success


Daniel Goleman, Author of “Emotional Intelligence”,  claims that the best predictor of a highly successful person include the following 6 traits

1. Possess a natural courisity about others

They ask a lot of questions  when meeting new people, They actually listen to their answers!  They are highly empathic people, someone attuned to the needs and feeling of others, and may also mark high on openness to experience – this trait opens up creativity and inventiveness.

2. They are self-aware

To be emotionally intelligent, Goleman says, you need to have confidence. To have confidence, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Then you work from that framework.

3. They pay attention

If you are distracted you can’t make connections!. Additionally, the ability to remain focused–and not carried away by texts and tweets–predicts not just the ability to form strong relationships and cultivate self-knowledge, Goleman says, but also your financial success.

Your ability to concentrate on the work you’re doing, and to put off looking at that text or playing that video game until after you’re done,” he tells the Huffington Post. “How good you are at that in childhood turns out to be a stronger predictor of your financial success in adulthood than either your IQ or the wealth of the family you grew up in.”

4. They can say “No”

People with high emotional intelligence, Goleman says,  can avoid unhealthy habits and otherwise discipline themselves–which also allows for relationship-nourishing, success-engendering non-distraction.

5. They know precisely what’s upsetting them

People with a high EQ acknowledge emotions as they come rather than repressing them or misattributing their causes. You could call this is Emotional Fitness.

6. They trust  intuition and take heed of Red Flags

There are neuroscientific reasons for trusting your gut: the red flags; the warning signs: Part of having a high EQ is learning when to trust them!

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